Modern Workspace: What it is and why you need it

May 16 - 2023

New work styles have emerged, and employee expectations have changed. Companies must evolve their physical, virtual, and hybrid environments to address employeesshifting social, technological, health and safety, and emotional needs. 

Creating a modern workspace requires coordinating many components. You must dial in everything from strategy and technology to policy and employee engagement to ensure a successful implementation.  

What Is a Modern Workspace? 

A modern workspace addresses technological, physical, and psychological factors within a work environment to boost employee satisfaction while ensuring business efficiency. It fosters in-person and virtual interactions among workers from anywhere to ensure seamless processes, communication, and collaboration. 

A modern workspace prioritizes these components: 

  • Connectivity: The health of your network is essential for the day-to-day functioning of your business. 

  • Collaboration: Maintaining contact, keeping everyone in the loop, and fostering relationships are keys to success. 

  • Choice: Prioritizing people means giving them the freedom to work from wherever they can be most productive.  

Many companies have adopted an activity-based approach to designing their physical workspaces, which can adapt to employeeschanging needs. But a modern workspace must go beyond the four walls of a corporate office to address the rise of dispersed teams and the work-from-anywhere trend. 

As such, technology plays a prominent role in the success of any modern workspace.  

A modern workspace supports a mobile workforce with advanced, often cloud-based, platforms (e.g., Microsoft 365), enabling remote and dispersed teams to collaborate efficiently. It also provides the tools for employees to leverage data analytics and derive meaningful insights to inform real-time decision-making.  

Data security is also a priority thanks to the increased use of digital communication channels for information sharing. Companies must enforce the appropriate policies and provide employee training to ensure compliance. Also, a data backup and recovery strategy is essential for building business resiliency. 

The Benefits of a Modern Workspace 

Here’s why more companies have jumped onto the modern workspace bandwagon: 

Improve Productivity 

A modern workspace leverages automation software to simplify tasks and streamline workflows. Digitalization makes it faster and easier to access files and information, while new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and predictive analytics help companies leverage data insights to support accurate decision-making. 

Provide Reliable Communication

Fast internet connections and a reliable network are the backbones of any modern workspace. A cloud-based unified communications (UC) system integrates audio and video call/conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing, screen sharing, and more to facilitate synchronous and asynchronous collaboration to maximize productivity.  

Reduce Overhead Costs  

Cloud-based technologies not only increase flexibility and accessibility but also help lower IT costs — for example, you don’t have to invest in costly servers or rent the space to house them. You can also leverage device-as-a-service (DaaS) to increase the predictability and visibility of your IT spending while turning CapEx into OpEx to improve your cash flow and financial health. 

Increase Competitiveness 

Robust collaboration software supports innovation, facilitates product development, and shortens time to market to give you a competitive advantage. Meanwhile, communication tools can enhance customer support and deliver an outstanding brand experience to help you stay ahead of the curve and retain more loyal customers. 

Break Down Silos 

A modern workspace integrates various workflows and supports interconnected operations to eliminate internal silos. The streamlined processes help reduce errors, increase transparency, and enhance collaboration. They also allow your team to deliver a seamless customer experience that differentiates your brand from your competitors. 

Improve Data Security 

A modern workspace uses cloud services with integrated, layered security controls that meet various governance and compliance requirements. Cloud service providers (e.g., Microsoft) constantly upgrade their infrastructures, so you can rest assured that you stay compliant and are protected against the latest threats without hiring a large team of security experts. 

How To Navigate Key Challenges When Implementing a Modern Workspace 

Like introducing any changes, implementing a modern workspace comes with some challenges. Heres what to look out for and how to navigate them: 

Some people may resist changes even if they understand the benefits of digital transformation and a modern workspace. You can gain their buy-in by providing the right tools and training so they can adopt the new processes and technologies to achieve success.  

However, many companies make the mistake of offering a one-size-fits-all demo session and hope everyone will start using the new platforms productively. You must provide ongoing support and content tailored to each role and its responsibilities so employees can apply the tools to do their jobs effectively.  

Most importantly, don’t chase after bright shiny objects and implement technology for technology’s sake. Start with your business objectives and design a strategy to help you pick the best solution for your organization and employees.  

Working with a trusted IT partner can help you integrate strategy with policy, technology with change management, and collaboration with employee engagement to maximize success. Learn more about our modern workspace solution and see how we can help you build a workplace of the future. 


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