Don't push your IT projects off another year

You've got the budget, we've got the know-how

Sometimes you just need to get those lingering IT projects off your plate. Budget constraints, resource planning, and execution hangups can quickly roadblock even the best-laid plans.

At Compugen Systems, we’ve got the team, talent, and tech fortitude to take you from plan to progress. We'll help you translate your next IT project into a meaningful business investment with a predictable roadmap for future tech adoption.


Ramp Up

Compugen Systems Professional Services

It's Time to Ramp UP

Keeping up with the latest tech trends and implementation best practices is easier said than done. Tapping your current IT team to take on your next project is likely leaving you feeling anxious and understaffed. 



Every company, no matter its size, SIC code, or zip code, is in the IT business whether they like it or not. Enlisting expertise from a service provider like Compugen will do more than keep the lights on - it will keep you competitive, compliant, and secure.



"Even amid uncertainty, many businesses will focus on IT spending. Just as in previous years, updating outdated IT infrastructure will continue to be the top factor for driving IT budget increases - cited by 56% of organizations planning on growing IT spend - followed by an increased priority on IT projects (45%) and escalating security concerns (39%)."



If you've been thinking about capitalizing on as-a-Service subscription models, you're not alone: 17% of businesses plan to move to an "as-a-service" model or removed fixed.

With as-a-service offerings and hybrid environments on the rise, don't let service delivery planning and execution hold you back; Compugen can help.


Service is our craft

The Benefits of Professional Services

Keep IT Moving

Proper due diligence paired with our "head-on-a-swivel" approach to planning helps customers like you not only advance your organization's objectives, but by extension, your team's professional clout and your personal career aspirations. 

Basically, we're here to make sure you look like the hero you actually are, and we don't take that responsibility lightly. 




“Well, that went 100% according to plan,”—said no IT person ever. Projects can easily spiral out of scope when key factors get overlooked. Compugen approaches each customer experience with a sense of purpose and pliability, keeping the destination in sight even if course corrections are required along the way.



Having someone who can manage the minutiae without losing sight of the big picture is critical to keeping teams and tasks aligned around a unified vision, a common goal, and a shared philosophy.



With experts spanning all aspects of the IT continuum, Compugen’s advanced knowledge and experience ensures your business treks forward, one project at a time.

We are here to integrate, co-manage + find alternatives

Simply put, we're here to augment your IT skillsets, deepen your technical maturity, and enhance your internal capabilities. We'll not only help you build, but sustain; continuously improving, ever-evolving.

Why Compugen

We are a Partner in Your Progress

At Compugen Systems, we know that tech investments are just that: investments, and we want you to not only get the project done, but achieve your goals and set you up for continued success.

We understand it's hard to keep up with tech trends and implementations which is why we invest in our people to optimize your team and safeguard your business.

Here's how we do it: Assess, Consult, Onboard. Schedule a consultation with Compugen Systems and let us show you how we can eliminate your tech problem and avoid new ones.


It's Time to Ramp Up

IT Professional Service Offerings

Project Management

IT projects can be large and complex with many moving parts to consider. When you work with Compugen, you’re assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will set goals and timelines, align skillsets with schedules, and keep working teams on - task, on - budget, and informed. Whether it’s an implementation, integration, or upgrade, our Project Managers are as invested in your success as you are.

Network Assessment

Analyzing the current state of your network’s health before embarking on maintenance and upgrades is always highly recommended. Our comprehensive assessments cover everything from topology to traffic patterns to security vulnerabilities, arming you with the right information to make informed decisions.

Migration Specialists

A smooth migration is essential to a new solution’s success and adoption, and it just so happens to be one of our specialties. Our team will manage your entire migration process — from strategy to development, data to device — to ensure a seamless and secure transition for all your key stakeholders.

Modern Procurement + Strategic Sourcing

Choosing the right solution from the right supplier is an art as much as a science. While cost is an important factor to consider, it’s not the only one. Evaluating for quality, value, collaboration, and flexibility are equally vital to establishing the right partnership. We can guide you through this entire process from RFP to PO.

Partnership at the Next Level

Professional Services Centered Around You

We understand that you are facing a shortage of time, resources, and skills for your IT needs. Tapping your current IT folks to take on even more is not a sustainable long-term strategy for most companies.

We believe companies hire for their weaknesses and partner to enhance their strengths. Our Professional Services embrace technology and provide the team, talent and tech fortitude to complete your IT project. We'll not only get the project done, but achieve your goals and set you up for continued success.




We seek first to understand the nature of your business, your team, your process, and your goals to make sure Professional Services is a good fit for you.



You can expect to receive tailored recommendations around aligning people, process and tools in order to create a winning formula for long-term business success.



During this stage, you receive timelines and guarantees around the partnership to ensure we are operating as one team, united around shared interests and goals.

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Don't Push Off Your Projects - Keep IT Moving

We’re here to help and answer any question you might have; from project management to cloud migrations, from consulting to as-a-Service solutions, and anything in between. We look forward to hearing from you.