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The focus on quality healthcare has never been higher and the technologies that enable it, never better.

At Compugen, we believe purpose drives passion. If our technology is used to enhance a patient’s experience, increase a doctor’s productivity, secure a hospital network, or improve a health outcome – consider us all in.


Service is our Craft

Healthcare Services


Field Technicians

Our team of global field technicians is experienced with both the nuances of the healthcare industry and the IT needs to support it. We know that every second counts and downtime is not an option. Partner with Compugen and have a partner with a holistic understanding of your network and its interdependencies; we'll be here— if and when something goes wrong.


Lifecycle Management

From technology resource planning and procurement, to design, deployment, and beyond—count on Compugen to scale your IT resources and competencies across the entire infrastructure. Capitalize on our DaaS offerings making all your devices fully managed and supported.


Managed Services

Partnering with Compugen for managed IT services gives you 24x7x365 access to specialists who are nimble enough to work around your facility’s needs, and seasoned enough to assist wherever that need is greatest.


Healthcare Technology Partnership

The Benefits of Compugen Healthcare Services

Technology is enabling rich, meaningful connections between patients and providers, leading to better health outcomes.

Work with a technology partner that understands the nuances of the healthcare and telehealth landscape. Service is our craft; our global team of knowledge and support staff, available both on-site and on-line, are here to keep your facility secure, compliant, efficient, and effective.


Safety + Security

Security is just one of the most daunting challenges healthcare systems face today. In 2020 alone, data breaches of 500 or more healthcare records were reported at a rate of more than 1.76 per day. Data security is an imperative and Compugen can help review or establish policies, identify and address vulnerabilities, secure endpoints, and manage technology implementation.


Service is Our Craft

Our IT services extend across the entire healthcare continuum. Whether it’s telehealth delivery, HIPAA-compliance, cloud service integration, clinical collaboration, or the countless other priorities we know you’re juggling all at the same time—call on Compugen to help you plan, prioritize, and perform.


Accountability is our Culture

With IT playing such a pivotal role in healthcare, you need a partner whose as invested in your patient outcomes as you are. Compugen remains steadfast in our mission to create a positive, rippling impact on the world around us. With a focus on people-first, we help healthcare institutions create uniquely human experiences, underpinned by today’s most advanced technology.

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