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Many companies are opting to keep at least a portion of their computing resources in-house due to concerns over data privacy and security. Through a private cloud, computing resources are dedicated exclusively to one organization over a secure, private network. Though typically more expensive to build and maintain than a public cloud infrastructure, IT leaders may choose to keep sensitive or business-critical assets (like financials and PII) on-prem as one element of a larger, hybrid IT strategy.



Enhanced Control

You Determine How Data is Secured, Accessed, and Stored

Because computing resources are not shared with anyone outside your organization in a private cloud setting, IT leaders prefer this path when higher levels of flexibility, scalability, and control are required.


Full Endpoint Visibility

Hyperconverged infrastructure translates to simplicity and flexibility by combining compute, storage, and networking into a single system. Enjoy the same agility afforded by the public cloud without compromising on control.



Through a hosted private cloud, Compugen will provide the what (infrastructure, services, security), while you determine the how (provisioning, resource allocation, user access). Let us help you achieve your vision and design your cloud, your way.




Worried about having to predict and prepare for spiraling data growth? A highly available and secure data storage solution will eliminate that burden letting you move data in and out of the cloud with ease and peace of mind.



As the driving force behind cloud computing, virtualization is designed to utilize physical hardware more efficiently by separating processors, memory, storage, and other hardware elements into multiple virtual machines, making them easier to manage and faster to provision.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Efficient cloud backups ensure business continuity in the event of a network outage, accidental deletion, or data corruption. Define your backup policies, replicate your files and restore your operations in just a couple clicks.


Hybrid it Solutions

Customize Your Cloud

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