Modernizing the Election Process

Technology with Impact

The United States election process is paramount to democracy and the American right to vote. At Compugen,  we believe technology can enable us all, to do great things.

By modernizing the voting process to enable electronic systems and processes we can bring enhanced security, privacy, and availability to the entire United States of America and to the republic for which it stands.


Service is our Craft

Election Services


Field Technicians

Benefit from feet-on-the-street with our global engineering support technicians with election IT experience. Coordinate with our Project Management Office to deploy our global field services team who've been screened for security and skills to match your election technology needs.


Lifecycle Management

From technology resource planning to procurement, with management from delivery to deployment, and beyond; let Compugen equip you with the hardware needed to facilitate your e-Poll books.


Managed Services

Partner with Compugen for fully managed technology services to support the entire election process. You get full election logistics with support to eliminate common tech delivery and set-up challenges. With strategic planning, operations and continuous improvement service delivery, and compliance and quality assurance services you can focus on the end-user experience because the back-end is covered.  


Election Technology Partnership

The Benefits of Compugen Election Services

Election technology is helping increase voting transparency and availability to the United States and beyond.

Work with a technology partner that understands the importance of the election process with the knowledge and support staff, both on-site and on-line, to manage and support voting tabulations. eballots, and e-Poll book equipment procurement and maintenance.


Safety + Security

The sanctity and security of the election process are paramount to our partnership. We'll be right by your side ensuring the election process is safe, secure, and accessible to all. With a team of over 150+ combined years of executive-level election experience; including logistics and support of PollPad voting and overseeing tabulator implementations used by over 10M voters and growing, Compugen can aid in your success by reviewing plans, identifying gaps, and managing technology implementation and any need field technician deployments.


Service is Our Craft

With service as a core value, we embrace a service-led culture that extends the entire customer experience. With a robust process led by a continuous-improvement mindset, your partnership with Compugen is seeped in transforming traditional customer service into uniquely crafted human experiences. From honoring the American right to vote to supporting you through DaaS; we will always find a way.


Accountability is our Culture

With solutions and services serving such a paramount amendment to all American citizens, you need a partner that is sharing in the accountability of the solutions and services we deploy, support, and manage. Compugen remains steadfast in our mission to create a positive, rippling impact on the world around us. Through technology-based services and our people-first approach to business relationships, our partners experience a uniquely crafted experience.

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At Compugen, we’re committed to modernizing the election process because every vote counts.  Together we can craft a uniquely crafted human experience; start now.