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Prevention is still your best defense

Security should not be a “set-it-and-forget-it” function. It must be a collective mindset, a shared priority, and an integral part of an organization’s DNA. It must embraced and championed by every employee and cultivated over time through regular awareness, education, testing, and training. Prevention is proactive.



Prevent Attacks

Find and flag security flaws before they become business-crippling issues.

It’s been said that there are only two types of organizations in the world today–those that have been breached and those that don’t yet know they have been breached. With those odds, companies need to double down on their risk prevention methods in order to keep pace with ever-evolving threats.


Incident Response Planning

Proactively detailing out the phases of your response plan will save significant time, cost, and stress if and when the incident actually occurs. Include the people involved in the recovery, their roles and responsibilities, and clear procedures for handling the incident.


IT Security Policy Development

Documenting your organization’s security standards and guidelines into a comprehensive policy that can be referenced and revised is critical to keeping response teams on the same page and ensuring best practices remain upheld.



Employee Security Awareness Training

Employees can either be the strongest link in a company’s security chain, or its weakest. It is up to leaders to consistently inform and educate staff on the latest security best practices, company expectations, potential risks, and steps to take if a threat is discovered.


Vigilance Begins Here

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Let’s turn vulnerability into vigilance

Privacy + Security Offerings

Penetration Testing

See how easy it is to break into your network by breaking into it yourself. A pentest is a simulated attack designed to pinpoint risk and exposure.

Incident Response

Address the aftermath of a security breach while limiting overall damage, time, and cost. Build lessons learned, shore up your network, and provide ongoing education to your employees on how and where breaches happen.  

Azure Information Protection

From easy classification to embedded labels and permissions, enhance data protection at all times, no matter where it’s stored or whom it’s shared with.

Microsoft Intune MDM

Intune app protection policies provide granular control over Office 365, helping you safeguard data with or without device enrollment.

Vulnerability Assessments

Define, identify, and prioritize vulnerabilities and their mitigation strategy based on the risk they pose to your business.

Cloud Security

Multi-layered security that spans your entire infrastructure, from the physical data center to your virtual operations. Azure Cloud features built-in security controls and added protection against evolving threats

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