Set the Stage for Long-Term Success

As organizations grow and scale, their IT infrastructures often become overly complicated — lowering productivity and driving up costs. To untangle this complexity, you need a holistic, strategic approach to remove redundancies while uncovering critical gaps and opportunities. 

Compugen Systems Advisory Services helps you eliminate complexity and inefficiencies. Whether you need to streamline your application portfolio or orchestrate a successful M+A, we’ll support you to achieve cost efficiency through clarity.

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Future-Proof Your IT Strategy

In today’s fast-evolving technology environment, you must go beyond handling what’s happening under your nose. You need a 50,000’ view from industry experts to pave the way to achieving your ideal future state. 


Streamline Your IT Environment

Businesses can reduce costs by up to 15% by eliminating redundant applications. (LeanIX) 



Accelerate Digital Transformation

Organizations that have undergone digital transformation are 64% more likely to reach business goals than non- adopters. (Bain & Co.) 


Optimize Total Cost of Ownership

Companies spend around 8% of their revenue on IT. Reducing total cost can contribute significantly to your bottom line. (Flexera)




The Benefits of Compugen Systems Advisory Services

Jumping into implementation without a holistic, strategic roadmap often means increased costs. Yet, a strategy without insights into execution could create disconnects between leadership’s vision and what’s realistic when the rubber meets the road. 

We understand all the moving pieces in the complex equation to align your IT roadmap with your vision, implementation, change management, and governance for lasting results. 


Take the Guesswork Out of Your IT Roadmap

Our experienced team follows a proven process to help you design a technology roadmap that aligns with your vision and takes you to your ideal future state. 


Modernize + Streamline Your Tech Stack

Our insights identify opportunities to innovate and consolidate for increased scalability and flexibility to support a robust, modern hybrid IT infrastructure. 


Get Vendor-Agnostic Recommendations

Our holistic review of your IT landscape and requirements shows you how to implement the latest tools and best practices to increase agility and cost efficiency. 

Your Success is Our Success

Our advisory services help you reach your business goals and realize your vision. We take the time to understand your business value, strategic objectives, technical debt, IT complexity, and usage patterns. We collaborate with your team to support change management and ensure a smooth transition to your new path. We have the winning formula for your long-term success. 

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We Put You in the Driver’s Seat

As an IT leader, you have a lot on your plate. It isn’t just about making things work today you must ensure your infrastructure is ready for tomorrow. But you’re pulled in so many directions… how do you find the time and bandwidth to gather the insights to make informed decisions? 


We believe in the power of collaboration — you know what your business needs, and we know how to turn that vision into reality through the right IT strategy. 

Our advisory services give you the big- picture view to inform high-level strategic directions and details on the nuts and bolts to make accurate tactical decisions to shape your organization’s future. 






Compugen Systems Advisory Services

Application Rationalization

A complete, strategic, and vendor-agnostic review of your application landscape to help you select the right software to support hybrid work, build a modern workspace, enhance user experience, uncover opportunities, optimize business value, unlock data insights, and reduce IT costs. 

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Mergers + Acquisitions

A holistic IT assessment, vendor agnostic review, migration planning, and integration roadmap to maximize business value in the future state. Gain a comprehensive view of your infrastructure, plan your IT environment, and lower TCO to support a fast, seamless, and stress-free transition. 

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A Proven Process to Maximize Your ROI

We tailor each engagement with your unique business objectives and requirements in mind. 

We don’t just solve your immediate challenges — we pave the way for a sustainable IT program and set the stage for continual process improvement to support future success. 




We evaluate your current state and business requirements to identify needs, gaps, and opportunities. 



We provide vendor- agnostic recommendations and help you understand each option's business value and technical relevance. 



We create an implementation and integration roadmap to take you from where you are to your desired future state. 

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Your Partner in Achieving Your Strategic Vision

Set the foundation for your long-term success by replacing complexity with clarity. From streamlining your application portfolio to ensuring successful infrastructure integration, we have the experience and expertise to take you where you want to be.