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As the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report notes, the time it takes for companies to discover and contain a breach has decreased from months to days. This benefit is attributed, in part, to the growing reliance on managed security service providers like Compugen to continuously scan IT ecosystems—end to end—for malicious activity.

$3.86M: the global average total cost of a data breach in 2020 -IBM



Detect Threats

Cloud monitoring combined with full endpoint visibility and advanced threat intelligence identifies vulnerabilities across the entirety of your network.

The rise of hybrid IT along with the realities of modern workstyles have only intensified the pressure on today’s corporate network. Expected to be ubiquitous 24/7 across all devices and locations, the network and its applications must simultaneously remain secure and governed, posing unique new challenges for IT managers to navigate.


Full Endpoint Visibility

Connected devices and smart IoT endpoints are creating new attack vectors which require a coordinated intelligence and deep integration to maximize network protection.


Cloud Monitoring

Keeping a watchful eye on the performance and availability of virtual servers, applications, and other cloud infrastructure will set off alarm bells when a potential security flaw is found.



Advanced Threat Intelligence

Planning for known threats is challenging enough. Organizations must extrapolate into the unknown, building defense mechanisms dynamic enough to ward off to whatever comes their way.


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Privacy + Security Offerings

Penetration Testing

See how easy it is to break into your network by breaking into it yourself. A pentest is a simulated attack designed to pinpoint risk and exposure.

Incident Response

Address the aftermath of a security breach while limiting overall damage, time, and cost. Build lessons learned, shore up your network, and provide ongoing education to your employees on how and where breaches happen.  

Azure Information Protection

From easy classification to embedded labels and permissions, enhance data protection at all times, no matter where it’s stored or whom it’s shared with.

Microsoft Intune MDM

Intune app protection policies provide granular control over Office 365, helping you safeguard data with or without device enrollment.

Vulnerability Assessments

Define, identify, and prioritize vulnerabilities and their mitigation strategy based on the risk they pose to your business.

Cloud Security

Multi-layered security that spans your entire infrastructure, from the physical data center to your virtual operations. Azure Cloud features built-in security controls and added protection against evolving threats

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