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Over the next decade, the emphasis on sustainable IT will only continue to grow with businesses of all sizes and sectors having to adapt. But you can start reaping the benefits today.  With specialized programs and initiatives designed to simplify corporate sustainability, Compugen Systems can help you achieve your green goals, easily, affordably, and efficiently.

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Listen to  Emery Geosits, Executive Director of Global IT Alliance; Tom Willshaw, Sustainability Programs Lead, Compugen Systems, Inc.; and Brent Smiley, VP, ITAD Programs, Green4Good™, as they discuss the top 3 IT Sustainability Trends for 2022 and where to start your journey. 

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State of IT Sustainability

The Green Mandate

Today’s CEOs have discovered that “sustainability” and “profitability” are synonymous. Not only is sustainability good for the planet, but it’s also an essential element in a successful business strategy for attracting customers, employees, and investors.

Here are three key IT sustainability trends to watch:


Circular Economy

Companies are looking for eco-friendly solutions around purchasing, maintaining, and upgrading IT equipment. The circular economy reimagines IT asset management by incorporating sharing economy models, product-as-a-service, product use extension, resource recovery, and more.


Green IT Procurement

Circularity should start at procurement. More manufacturers are incorporating post-consumer materials and other sustainability practices into their products, so it’s easier than ever to procure equipment with a lower environmental footprint. Your company stands to benefit greatly from environmentally-preferred purchasing. 


Green Data Centers

Green Data Centers are the key to reducing IT's environmental impact and your company's operating costs. Greening up your data center, either through a cloud migration, colocation, or consolidation initiative, is more than a noble cause; it's a smart business move. 


Social Responsibility

Noble Cause, Smart Business.

Sustainability is the new business success formula. It can help you strengthen your brand image while attracting more customers, talents, and investors. IT sustainability will play a critical role in reducing your environmental footprint in today’s digital business world. 

The good news is that you can take impactful action right away, no matter where you are in your sustainability journey. Here are three business benefits you'll notice by going greener:


Brand Affinity

65% of consumers say they want to buy from purpose-driven brands that advocate sustainability, and 73% are willing to change their consumption habits to lessen their negative impact on the environment.


Lower IT Costs

The TCO of PCs goes beyond the cost of hardware. It has to cover installation, software, networking, communications, applications, maintenance, technical support, etc., which increase as a piece of equipment ages. Refreshing PCs every 3 years reduces TCO by 24% compared with hanging onto them longer.


Shorter Refresh Cycles

Recycling legacy technology and giving devices a second life can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17% per laptop. A comprehensive tech refresh strategy ensures that e-wastes are properly treated while precious metals such as lead, lithium, nickel, cadmium, and copper are removed, recycled, and reused.

“We will have a positive, rippling impact on the world around us; each and every day.”

Terry Mirza

President, Compugen Systems, Inc.

As it turns out, it is easy being green.

You know going green is good for the environment, good for your brand, and good for your bottom line; but, getting to green is where most companies get stuck. Compugen Systems makes sustainability simple, bringing the principles of the Circular Economy down to a tactical level for your business.

Compugen Systems is committed to making the world better and businesses greener. Here are some of the programs we've developed to further this initiative.

Commit Your Technology to a Second Life


Committing your technology to a second life at the time of purchase can net your business up to 20% off initial IT hardware costs and allows you to refresh your technology sooner.

You'll also earn carbon credits which send a positive brand message to your customers, partners, and current and future employees.


Business Benefits

Support your team in selecting the right technology and lifecycle strategy that meets your goals while helping your organization make a tangible push for sustainability.

More frequent device refreshes allow for:

  • an improved staff experience,

  • lower lifecycle costs, and

  • fewer security risks.







Do Good While Doing Well


Green4Good™ helps corporations turn IT wastes into good causes. We have saved 1,900,000 IT assets from landfills and supported over 225 charities through the proceeds of selling refurbished equipment.

Additionally, we were the first company worldwide to offer carbon credits for your end-of-first-life™ IT assets.

Green4Good's CarbonBank™ program gives businesses the unique ability to offset new IT equipment purchases and make them carbon neutral. 


Business Benefits

  • Instead of spending money to manage your end-of-life technology, earn cash and put it to good use.

  • Protect your data with security built into every single step of the process.

  • Be recognized as an industry leader and increase your brand's affinity.

  • Reduce your business’ carbon footprint through self-generated carbon credits and boost your brand’s sustainability goals. 



IT Assets are Evaluated


Secure pick-up and transport of assets to secure processing facility 


Assets de-branded, data destroyed, wipe + destruction certificates issued 


Get cash back for the resale value of your refurbished products


Choose to use cash back to offset the cost of new technology or donate to charity

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