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A public cloud provides computing resources that are delivered over the Internet and managed by a third-party. Through this model, you pay only for the features you use or how much storage and bandwidth you consume. The cost savings alone are enticing as you’re no longer on the hook for purchasing and maintaining physical hardware, storage, and networking devices. Additionally, the speed at which you can spin up applications or scale down capacity as needs change is second to none.



Amp Up Efficiency

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Many companies choose a public cloud for web-based email, productivity apps, data storage, and DevOps. It’s also much easier to grow your business through AI and IoT which are only available as cloud services.


Microsoft Azure

Choose from an infinite range of Microsoft cloud services for compute, analytics, networking, and storage with plans to fit any scope and budget. Run virtual machines or containers in the cloud, host your back-end database, even integrate new tools through open source technology—Azure’s capabilities can rival any business’ potential use cases.  



A multi-tenant, public cloud offering built on top of trusted VMware technology—our partnership with ThinkOn provides Compugen customers with a single-pane-of-glass solution that boasts a flexible architecture with self-service provisioning and full workload mobility.



Backup and Disaster Recovery

Security in the public cloud has long been a topic of debate, but many industry leaders would agree that the public cloud may actually be more secure than a private or hybrid deployment. Why? Today’s public cloud providers are constantly upgrading their security protocols to stay in compliance with industry watchdogs, and they proactively push those upgrades out to their customers. Add high-availability and automatic back-ups, and you have all the makings for a restful night sleep.


Migration Consulting

Chances are you enlist the services of an accountant when you need to do your taxes, find a plumber to fix a toilet on the fritz, and seek a contractor to remodel your kitchen. Moving your on-premises workloads to the public cloud is another one of those times you want to lean on an expert. We’ll help you determine which workloads will work best in a public cloud environment, what interdependencies must be considered, and the tools and timeline to get it all done.


Compugen Managed Azure

The Azure cloud marketplace is vast and varied with hundreds of turnkey tools and features your business can tap into at a moment’s notice. Having a partner who can help navigate you through the integration and optimization of these services into your existing cloud environment is the best way to ensure all the puzzle pieces make sense.


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