Guide: The Technology Procurement Manager’s Guide to Maturing and Modernizing for Greater Impact and Value

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As we’ve seen, a business’s ability to respond to disruptions and adapt via technology can be the only difference between staying competitive—even gaining an edge—and falling behind and losing relevancy.

Then there’s the fact that while the pandemic was arguably the largest global crisis in many years, it won’t be the last crisis that disrupts and changes the supply chain either. If you’re responsible for managing technology procurement at your organization, you’re on the front lines at all times, managing risk in times of crisis or not.  


This has helped accelerate a trend already developing within procurement: the move from a focus on logistics and cost management to a strategic value center. Not only do you need to be adept at pivoting around the supply chain’s constant surprises, but procurement managers must also take on a role within the business as strategic advisors, guiding leadership as to how technology can be used to drive innovation, collaboration, and corporate citizenship. After all, the technology you manage for the company now contributes directly to the growth of the company. 

In this guide, you will learn: 

  • The pillars that contribute to mature and modernized procurement

  • How to uncover insights from your internal customers to guide your progression

  • About the different technologies that make up truly modern procurement

  • How to approach changes in your procurement so they’re a success company-wide

  • How to identify different opportunities for technology procurement to create additional value, from sustainability to innovation

In many ways, modernizing the procurement and lifecycle management approach at a business is about moving it from a reactive practice to a proactive one. This includes managing security proactively, elevating relationships with suppliers, moving to a more proactive, consumer-like model for procurement, tapping into data to turn around forward-looking analysis for better planning and decision-making, and leaning on automation to improve access and efficiencies. 

It’s a pivotal moment in your business—and your career. This guide will walk you through each piece you should consider before getting started, how to identify where to begin, and how to open the limits of possibilities, so procurement can be more impactful than ever.  

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