The IT Leader’s Guide To Modern IT Asset Management

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An ITAM Approach That Puts Your Business Outcomes First

Keeping tabs on a growing number of hardware devices, software applications, and data assets to sustain critical business processes has increased IT workloads tremendously. No wonder companies lacking a systematic and strategic approach to IT asset management (ITAM) struggle to maximize their IT investment. 

Poor ITAM May Be the Root Cause of Your IT Woes 

Ineffective ITAM has far-reaching consequences, including confusion, wastage, security risks, penalties, over-provisioning, underutilization, operational downtime, a frustrating employee experience, and more. If you treat ITAM only as a way to get applications and devices to your employees, you’re missing out on many optimization opportunities. 

Strategize + Implement Modern ITAM 

This executive guide shows you: 

  • The top ITAM challenges IT leaders must overcome.

  • The three pillars of modern ITAM.

  • How to design a comprehensive ITAM framework.

  • How to set the stage for your ITAM initiative. 

At Compugen Systems, we go above and beyond delivering world-class IT services. Our outcome-oriented capabilities cover all the bases to align the consumption of cost with the realization of value to help you achieve business outcomes. 

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