Lenovo + Compugen Systems: Accelerating AI Adoption in the Modern Workspace with a Hybrid IT Architecture

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Maximize Your Investment in AI Technologies

IT leaders are under tremendous pressure to incorporate AI technologies into their infrastructure. However, it’s easier said than done. Do you have sufficient compute power and I/O bandwidth? Have you considered the impact of your server’s thermal efficiency on operating costs? How will you protect the sensitive data you use to train AI models?

Wide-Scale AI Deployment: More Than What Meets the Eye

Organization-wide AI adoption requires a robust infrastructure supported by best-of-breed equipment to address various challenges, including data management, information security, rapid scalability, and edge deployment. You need a holistic approach to cover everything from system design and procurement to implementation and maintenance.

Lenovo + Compugen: Accelerating AI Adoption

This guide explores the cutting-edge technology you need to maximize your AI investments:

  • AI’s indispensable role in today’s business environment

  • The challenges of wide-scale AI adoption in the modern workspace

  • Solving AI deployment challenges with a hybrid architecture

  • How Lenovo’s smart infrastructure solutions accelerate AI adoption

  • Lenovo’s AI portfolio in action

At Compugen, we go above and beyond delivering world-class IT services. We implement strategies and technologies to align with your business vision while maximizing ROI.

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