Guide: Hardware Asset Management in the Age of Hybrid Work

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What it Takes to Protect and Maximize Your IT Investment 

Today’s IT teams must manage growing fleets of devices to support hybrid working. As hardware asset management (HAM) requirements become more complex, organizations must implement systematic and streamlined processes to ensure operational efficiency, employee satisfaction, information security, and regulatory compliance. 

Does Your HAM Strategy Include the Essential Components? 

Your hardware asset management strategy must facilitate procurement, deployment, tracking, maintenance, and disposal. It should address how you may extend an equipment’s lifespan by improving its reliability and compatibility with new technologies. Moreover, security and compliance must be baked into every step to protect your organization and its investment. 

Simplify Hardware + Device Management 

This comprehensive guide shows you: 

  • The top hardware and device management challenges 

  • What effective HAM looks like 

  • 5 essential components of effective HAM 

  • How to select the right partner to support HAM 

At Compugen Systems, we go above and beyond delivering world-class IT services. We put your experience and business outcomes first to support your long-term success. 

Download the Comprehensive Guide 

Complete the form to access the Hardware Asset Management in the Age of Hybrid Work Guide. You’ll learn how to implement the essential HAM components to protect your investment, reduce IT workloads, improve security, and ensure compliance. 


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