Compugen Systems Doubles Revenue for 2nd Consecutive Year Increasing U.S. Foothold

March 21 - 2023

Compugen Systems Sees Strong U.S. Growth and High Team Member Engagement Amid National Labor Challenges

[Houston, TX] March 21, 2023–In a year marked by global tensions, economic downturns, and the quiet quitting phenomenon, Compugen Systems Inc. is proud to report steady year-over-year growth, doubling its business for a third consecutive year. A testament to the hard work, creativity, and empathetic approach embodied by Compugen Systems team members, according to President Terry Mirza, as the IT services provider continues to lead U.S. businesses through the post-pandemic workforce transformation.

Increasing its foothold across the country, Compugen Systems now serves more than 150 clients across 42 states and 291 cities. This represents a 50% increase over the previous year when the company operated in just 24 states and 74 cities. With a growing presence in three U.S. city centers—New York, Miami, and Houston—Compugen Systems is well poised to provide modern workspace, hybrid IT, networking, and security solutions to businesses from coast to coast.

As Terry notes, this kind of growth is only possible when a company has high levels of team member engagement and an unwavering commitment to living its core values across every aspect of the business. As an IT company, we know just how core technology is to business continuity and the future of work. In the midst of ongoing supply chain issues and global tensions to our new hybrid work dynamics, we see ourselves as being called to compassion and empathy for our employees, our clients, and the situations they are in."

“Now, more than ever, we are working tirelessly to lead with careful listening and emotional intelligence, so we operate not just as a technology supplier, but as a true business partner. That we’re hitting our expansion goals and seeing strong growth results, year-over-year, is a result of our efforts in this." —Terry Mirza 

As Compugen Systems marches toward its 2030 corporate vision of Enabling a Modern America, company leaders remain focused on three core tenets:

1. Create Sustainable Innovation + Fuel a Circular Economy 

One way Compugen Systems brings this goal to life is through its Green IT programs which bridge technology needs with corporate citizenship. These programs help companies reduce their environmental impact by properly disposing of e-waste, implementing energy-efficient solutions, and promoting sustainable practices while maintaining high-quality IT services.

2. Democratize Access + Break Down Digital Barriers to technology, information, and resources

To this end, Compugen Systems announced the launch of the Compugen Systems Cares Network in 2022 in a partnership with the Texas Children’s Hospital of Houston. This initiative seeks to bridge the digital divide and improve access to technology for disadvantaged individuals and families.

3. Build a Safe + Secure Future for All Citizens

In a human-centered and technology-enabled society,  connected devices have the potential to unlock a world of imagination, creativity, and learning. This increased access requires a higher calling in terms of security awareness, visibility, and protection. Compugen Systems remains a steward of a safe and protected future through our certified partner eco-system, and a business philosophy to help our clients through a Security by Design blueprint.

"I look forward to 2023 with optimism—even in the onset of a recession, rising interest rates, fluctuating gas prices, and increased inflation. I believe in the strong guardrails of our financial markets, and that job creation in sectors with strong GDP projections will keep unemployment at bay. Our collective human desire to embrace life after many years of shutdown should fuel both consumer spending and a society that will continue to embrace the many new opportunities afforded by technology." —Terry Mirza 

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