The Benefits of a Modern Workspace

September 01 - 2022

As business executives, it makes sense to prioritize conversations around identifying client needs, maximizing gains, achieving goals, meeting demands, etc. Individual employee skill-sets and performance are often assessed when assigning key roles.. However, there’s one core topic missing from the discussion that is essential to productivity. And that is collaboration.

When it comes to optimum productivity levels, a lack of collaboration can prove detrimental. A survey conducted by Salesforce reveals that lack of collaboration resulted in workplace failures for 86% of employees and executives.

It could also be the reason some of your best employees aren’t contacting headhunters – according to a survey by Gusto, 54% of employees stayed with a company longer than was in their best interest due to a prevailing sense of community and team spirit.

What is a Modern Workspace?


If when you think of collaboration, you imagine desks muddled up together, crammed in a room where people are ordered to sit and work together, you’re not alone. Collaboration means combining skill-sets of individual team members in a way that complements each other and makes life simpler for everyone involved.

Digital communication tools like audio and video conferencing, social media, and mobile apps make workplace collaboration much

 easier than ever before. Employees can access shared files, react to changes in real-time, and work towards a common goal, no matter where they happen to be working from.

This means that your team can collectively brainstorm ideas, discuss problems, and come up with solutions, which leads to better productivity, higher efficiency, and a greater sense of camaraderie.

How Can Your Business Cultivate a Modern Workspace?

A modern workspace is a great way to cultivate a  transparent and open culture where everyone can contribute. 99.1% of employees prefer to work in spaces where issues are discussed truthfully and solved effectively, according to a survey by Proof Hub.

The key advantage of collaboration is alignment and support. A survey by McKinsey reveals that 97% of all employees and executives believe the outcome of the goal or project had a negative impact due to lack of alignment. The ideology of collaboration needs to shift from “individuals working as a group” to “a group of individuals working as one” for collaborative workspaces to yield the best possible results.

Learn more about how to create a collaborative Modern Workspace with Compugen. 

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