Data Sheet: Achieve Next-Level Connectivity with a Software-Defined Network

April 21 - 2023

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Compugen Systems helps you implement a software-defined network and put the power back in your hands. You get WAN-wide visibility to tune and customize performance with just a few clicks.


A modern enterprise network must reconcile competing needs for bandwidth and shape traffic to provide low latency where required, allow entry only to authorized traffic, and keep users connected at all times.

We help you analyze total network consumption and specific utilization for voice, video, data, and business-critical applications to shape, prioritize, and direct traffic where needed.


Tomorrow’s network for today’s workforce

Modern WAN

Run business-critical applications over the internet and across multiple cloud environments to support a productive and mobile modern workforce.

Managed LAN

Support operations, control costs, and maintain local network reliability. We help you improve network performance and allocate resources effeciently.

Enterprise Anywhere

Implement a robust off-site user network for a modern workspace. We ensure seamless communication and collaboration to support today’s work-from-anywhere culture.


Implement a consistent policy across your entire infrastructure with a single network fabric to provide secure access from the edge of the cloud.

Enterprise Network Security

Detect and contain the latest threats with multi-layered, built-in security controls to protect business-critical data and stay compliant. 

Netflix Analytics 

Get the visibility you need to ensure top performance, fast remediation, and seamless service delivery 24/7.

Wireless + Mobility

Support a mobile workforce with a secure, fast, and reliable network for seamless mobile and video interactions to stay productive from anywhere. 


Compugen Systems’ Network of ONE managed connectivity offering delivers a power-house solution for the modern workforce.

1) SIMPLIFY: Intent-based networking translates policies into action consistently across the entire physical and virtual infrastructure.

2) CENTRALIZE: Intelligent fabric connects all you locations to streamline policy control and integrate IT workflows. 

3) AUTOMATE: Fully managed connectivity allows you to adjust performance continuously based on desired business outcomes.

4) RESPOND: Contain impact and maintain resilience by preventing a security incident from expanding to other business areas. 

Compugen Systems is here to help you simplify, centralize, and manage your next-generation networking environment. Schedule a Managed Services Consultation with Compugen today. 

Datasheet: Enterprise Networking—Achieve Next-Level Connectivity with a Software-Defined Network

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