10 Ways Professional IT Services Help You Stay Ahead

September 01 - 2023

Every company is in the IT business. The right technologies are crucial for operating efficiently and delivering a competitive customer experience in todays digital world. However, growing IT complexity makes managing all your technology needs in-house increasingly costly. 

Thats why more organizations are leveraging professional IT services to help them overcome resource shortages and access the right expertise for their projects. Lets examine the benefits of professional services and 10 ways a provider can augment your IT maturity. 

What are Professional IT Services, and Why Should You Use Them? 

Professional IT service providers help companies address various aspects of their information technology infrastructure, operations, and strategy. Their offerings may include technology consulting, system integration, software development, procurement, cybersecurity, infrastructure management, cloud computing, data management, ongoing support, etc. 

Partnering with an IT service provider gives you access to deep expertise to optimize your solutions. You can also eliminate the costs and efforts associated with hiring, training, and retaining a large full-time IT staff to reduce overhead costs and improve efficiency. 

Meanwhile, offloading maintenance and management tasks can help your team focus on strategic initiatives. A provider can also accommodate shifting requirements and seasonal demands, enabling you to scale up or down and access different capabilities on a dime. 

10 Ways to Leverage Professional IT Services to Stay Ahead 

Here’s how organizations can incorporate professional services to stay relevant and competitive: 

  1. Support strategic planning: Your provider can collaborate with business stakeholders to understand your organization’s long-term vision and objectives. Then, it can turn the strategic requirements into an IT roadmap.

  2. Provide technology consultation: An IT service provider can assess your infrastructure, identify gaps or inefficiencies, and recommend the best solutions based on your budget, business objectives, and industry best practices.

  3. Perform system integration: Your vendor can help you integrate systems and applications so they can communicate with each other to streamline operations, enhance data flow, enable automation, and minimize manual processes.

  4. Enhance cybersecurity: An IT service provider has dedicated professionals to help you implement robust security solutions, perform vulnerability assessments, establish incident response plans, etc., to mitigate risks and protect business-critical data.

  5. Facilitate cloud migration: You can access experts in cloud strategy development, migration planning, cloud service model selection, and implementation to ensure data security and optimize your cloud environment.

  6. Manage IT infrastructure: Your provider can offer proactive monitoring, perform regular maintenance, manage software upgrades, and support troubleshooting to improve the performance, availability, and scalability of your systems and networks.

  7. Support data management: An IT service provider can help you set up a data warehouse, integrate disparate data sources, and develop business intelligence solutions for data management, governance, and analytics.

  8. Provide help desk functions: Your vendor can help you deliver reliable services to improve productivity and employee satisfaction. It can perform most tasks remotely to support a  remote or hybrid workforce cost-effectively.

  9. Ensure business resiliency: You get support to assess risks, develop a backup and recovery plan, and perform regular testing to ensure all your data and systems can be retrieved and restored quickly when a disaster or cyber incident strikes.  

  10. Offer IT training and documentation: An IT service provider can help you drive technology adoption by conducting workshops, creating user manuals, and implementing training programs to maximize your ROI. 

How to Choose a Professional IT Service Provider for Your Business 

Partnering with a reputable company that understands your needs is crucial to reaping the benefits and maximizing your investment.  

Your vendor should have experience and expertise in your industry. It should also have relationships with different solution providers (e.g., NetApp, Cisco, HP, Microsoft) to help you evaluate options objectively to build a robust, flexible, and scalable tech stack. 

It should take the time to understand your business requirements instead of offering a one-size-fits-all approach. It should also propose a customized solution based on your business’s long-term vision and roadmap. 

Select a provider that prioritizes data protection and recovery to safeguard your organization from risks, breaches, data loss, and downtime. It should have the capabilities to help you comply with industry regulations, data privacy laws, and cybersecurity standards. 

Your vendor should provide a service level agreement (SLA) to set clear expectations regarding service delivery, response times, and issue resolution. A lack of transparency is a red flag that could lead to disappointment and unexpected costs. 

It should also present a detailed communication plan and be responsive to all your requests to avoid errors, delays, and frustration. Additionally, choose a vendor that aligns with your organizational culture. Seeing eye to eye can help you minimize friction, delays, and misunderstandings. 

Ramp Up Your IT Maturity 

Compugen has the team, experience, and expertise to help you plan, implement, and progress  your IT initiatives with these three pillars: 

  1. Adapt: We adjust our approach to shifting demand and requirements while keeping your end goal in mind to take you where you want to be.

  2. Align: We manage the details of IT implementations without losing sight of your big picture. We keep everyone rowing in the same direction with a unified vision, a common goal, and a shared philosophy.

  3. Advance: We have experts spanning every aspect of the IT continuum to deliver the experience and knowledge you need to stay relevant and competitive. 

Learn more about our professional services offerings and get in touch to see how we can help you move your projects forward. 

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