Guide: The Modern IT Leader’s Guide to Windows 11 Pro

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It’s no surprise to anyone in IT that as technology usage continues to explode, one of the greatest challenges for IT business leaders is to figure out how to manage complexity. According to ESG research shows, three-quarters (75%) of organizations say, “IT has become more or significantly more complex than just two years ago.” 

While these new IT systems and infrastructure are creating incredible benefits and empowering new heights, tasks like securing vast networks with an ever-growing amount of connections are likely keeping you up at night.  

And, if you’re like most organizations, your IT teams have become rapidly overburdened with the complexities of IT management. Not good for organizational productivity; not good for employee morale.  

So how can you use technology to reduce the complexity in your technology systems—without sacrificing your users’ productivity, collaboration, or creativity?  

It’s something Microsoft has put a great deal of thought into when designing their newest Windows release, Windows 11; since 70 percent of desktop and laptop users choose Microsoft Windows as their OS, Microsoft has been able to seek feedback from global leaders in multiple industries, as well as tap the tremendous well of data shared by users. 

In the guide, you'll learn:

  • How Microsoft prioritized the tricky balance of enhanced security, user productivity and collaboration, and simplified IT management 

  • What it means to adopt a human-centric “minimum effective friction” approach to security that delivers enhanced productivity and collaboration that’s also secure-by-default 

  • How this approach helps address the tricky issue of user security non-compliance 

  • The key benefits to upgrading your OS now, before Microsoft sunsets support for Windows 10 

  • How to ensure a seamless transition (hint: you’ll want to give yourself plenty of runway to plan, test, and execute). 

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