Checklist: Selecting the Right Managed Service Provider

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Questions to Ask Yourself + Your Potential Partner

When it comes to choosing the right Managed Service Provider (MSP) for your business, it's important to not just settle for any option that can provide immediate help. Instead, aim to find the last MSP you'll ever need to hire. But how do you go about making this crucial decision?

While you may have come across various tips and checklists on this topic, what you haven't seen are the behind-the-scenes questions and steps that IT providers like us take to ensure we make the best technology selections and partner recommendations for our clients. We believe in transparency, so let us give you a glimpse into our internal workings.

Before diving into the interview process with potential partners, we ask ourselves important questions to prepare. We evaluate our own needs, goals, and challenges to ensure we have a clear understanding of what we're looking for in an MSP. By doing this internal reflection, we can better align our requirements with the capabilities and expertise of potential partners.

Once we have a solid understanding of our own expectations, we move on to preparing for the interview. This involves crafting specific questions that will help us gauge the compatibility and suitability of each potential partner. We want to ensure that the MSP we choose can meet our unique needs and align with our company culture and values.

If you're interested in learning more about how we conduct our internal IT interviews and partner selection process, we invite you to download our comprehensive checklist. This resource will provide you with valuable insights and guidance on finding the right MSP for your business.

Don't settle for just any MSP – choose the last one you'll ever need. By asking the right questions and following a thorough selection process, you can ensure that your technology needs are met and your business can thrive with the support of a reliable and capable MSP.

In this checklist, we're covering:

  • Questions we ask ourselves to prep for new partner interviews

  • Questions to prepare your interview

  • Interview Questions for Potential Partners

  • Considerations After the Interview

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