Guide: The Modern Guide to Building a Layered, Secure-by-Design Posture for Your Business

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Our connected world can be strengthened by integrating security principles from the outset, which will help us identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and mitigate threats.

Through our Security by Design blueprint, security considerations are woven into the fabric of their technological advancements. In the same way as networking and collaboration are part of the way we work, security is the lens from which we design.

The purpose of this guide is to walk you through the history of the Secure-by-Design philosophy, what Security by Design means in practical terms, and some ideas on where to begin, no matter where you are in your security journey.

In this Guide, You'll Learn the 3 Core Principles of Secure by Design: 

  • The Burden of Safety

  • Embracing Radical Transparency
  • Explicit Focus on Building Safe Products

A single product, policy, or provider will not help you achieve a herculean security posture, as we mentioned earlier. Your strategy must be synergistic and aligned with a zero-trust, security-first culture, as well as collaborative and continuous. 

Through both professional and managed service capabilities, Compugen can help you maintain business continuity, ensure regulatory compliance, and bolster in-house security expertise. 

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