How Big Tech + Business Leaders Can Partner to Fuel a Circular Economy

April 21 - 2023

Sustainable Innovation is Top of Mind in the C-Suite 

[Houston, TX] April 21, 2023—This Earth Day, Compugen Systems Inc., a leading IT service delivery company, is emphasizing the pivotal role tech companies and business leaders play in fueling the circular economy. With the rise of electronic waste and energy consumption brought about by digital transformation, it's more important than ever for companies to make sustainable IT a priority. Compugen has a long history of caring for the planet and is committed to helping customers easily adopt a circular approach to technology.

According to recent statistics from EnvironBuzz, a staggering 53.6 million metric tons of electronic waste were generated in 2021 alone, with only a small fraction of it being recycled. Additionally, The World Bank estimates that global waste will grow by 70% by the year 2050. This tsunami of e-waste, a phrase coined by the United Nations, poses a serious threat to our planet and underscores the urgent need for sustainable practices across all industries.

Compugen's Green4GoodTM program bridges technology innovation with corporate citizenship. Launched over a decade ago, this first-of-its-kind, award-winning program was designed to help organizations responsibly and securely recycle and reuse their IT assets. Any value generated is then paid forward—either to fund new equipment or contribute to a charity or social cause. Through programs like this and Compugen Systems' FutureValueTM, which offers incentives for asset reuse, businesses can minimize their environmental impact without having to forgo the latest technologies.

Compugen is one of the few remaining North American Solution Providers that own and operate its own ISO 9001:2015-certified asset disposition warehouse. Additionally, it was the first company worldwide to offer carbon credits for end-of-first-life™ IT assets. To date, Green4Good has processed nearly 2M IT assets, reused 92 percent of them, and raised $3.5M for 225+ charities. It is considered a win-win for business, community, and planet alike. 

In addition to programs like Green4Good, Compugen Systems urges businesses to consider strategies around green IT procurement, green data centers, and sustainable IT models like as-a-service and IT lifecycle management.

"Sustainability is not just a responsibility we bear as technology leaders, but as global citizens. It is the cornerstone of a prosperous and equitable future for all. Compugen Systems has boldly committed to building sustainable innovation and fueling the circular economy as a key pillar of our 2030 corporate vision. We recognize that each of us has a vital role to play in creating the world we want our future generations to inherit, and we are committed to doing our part."

—Terry Mirza | President, Compugen Systems

Click here to learn more about Compugen Systems' green IT programs.

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