Is Device as a Service (DaaS) Right for My Business?

October 18 - 2021

Today’s business environment is easily the most disrupted and fast-changing seen in modern times. C-Suite executives everywhere are clamoring to stay ahead of the curve by embracing technology. Small to medium-sized businesses have especially found a home in the DaaS model for various reasons. Now, even more than before, SMBs are working with fewer resources, a leaner workforce, reduced lines of credit, and an unending evolution of technology goals.

However, if you’re wondering whether Device as a Service is right for your organization, here are the key characteristics of organizations that derive the most benefit from the DaaS model.

First Things First: What Is Device as a Service?Unposed group of creative business people in an open concept office brainstorming their next project.

The DaaS model lets organizations purchase laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile computing devices as a subscription service. Rather than incurring capital expenditure to buy these devices, the organization subscribes to receive a set number of devices from a DaaS partner/vendor. 

DaaS allows the business to scale devices up and down as necessary without affecting their daily operations. It drastically reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of business computing devices while keeping your workforce on the latest hardware to support high performance and productivity. The DaaS model is best suited for fast-changing business leaders whose business goals are always scaling up and down and those who wish to remain afloat in the murky sea of digital transformation.

Who should embrace DaaS?

The short answer is everybody, but more so those who:

Wish to Do More With Less

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we approach work, and it became more important to have a flexible working arrangement. The digital workspace supports this by shifting to a cloud-based/remote work environment. The DaaS model provides all the devices you need to keep your workforce’s operations while freeing up cash flow to more necessary investments in the pandemic’s aftermath.

Need Anywhere and Everywhere Technical Support

With a remote workplace, IT teams are finding it harder to provide the requisite support for all devices and supporting organizational strategic goals. The DaaS model includes device management and support to beef up security and limit interruptions from cyber-attacks/threats and unanticipated hardware and software breakdowns. Smaller businesses can use DaaS platforms to keep employees supported and connected for a fraction of the cost, especially if they lack an internal IT team.

Need More or Less Scalability according to Their Growth Trajectory

Right now, it may be difficult to predict the growth trajectory of many businesses. Apart from the pandemic, the digital transformation promises a barrage of changes that may see any capital expenditure in technology become obsolete in just a few months. Smaller organizations can scarcely afford this kind of cost, and it would be a colossal blow should their investment not provide the anticipated ROI. 

The DaaS model eliminates most of the risk associated with riding the digital transformation journey. Your partner can help you optimize your subscription and ensure you have the most current devices to support your workplace.

Embracing Daas

There are many more reasons to embrace DaaS. The predictability of a subscription plan allows for better financial management, and the agility of the DaaS approach includes advanced device management without massive investments in IT. 

If you’re ready to learn more about how our DaaS approach can benefit your specific organization, speak to our experts today. 

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