Green IT Glossary: 16 Tech Terms to Know

April 04 - 2022

IT Sustainability 101

Here at Compugen Systems, we are often asked questions such as: How does your Green4Good™ program work? How does your FutureValue™ program generate cashback upfront? Even more frequently, we are asked to clarify or explain what certain sustainability terms mean. So, we have created Tech Terms for IT Sustainability to bring clarity to some of the main terms that we are asked about, and what they mean. 

16 Tech Terms to Know

CarbonBank is a program that converts the sale of refurbished technology into carbon credits while offering monies to corporations for their end-of-life technology. These carbon credits are then used to help businesses offset their overall carbon footprint. 

Carbon Credits 
Carbon credits (also known as carbon offsets) are financial units of measurement that represent the removal of one metric ton of carbon emissions from the atmosphere. Carbon credits can be purchased to offset the carbon emissions that an organization is generating. 

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Carbon Footprint 
Carbon Footprint refers to the emissions of greenhouse gases (carbon equivalent) from an individual or organization. 

Carbon Neutral 
Companies that are “carbon neutral” achieve net zero carbon emissions. The company offsets the amount of carbon they produce by removing carbon emissions elsewhere, or by purchasing carbon credits. When purchasing carbon credits, make sure they are verified against a trusted standard and registered with a unique seial number.

Circular Economy 
The Circular Economy is a model where keeping products and materials in use and in operation as long as possible is encouraged, and where waste is minimized throughout the life-cycle management of the product from the design phase to end-of-life.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 
A CSR program incorporates a social cause or contribution into a corporation’s business model or employee culture. 

End-of-Life is the designation applied to platforms or products deemed by its manufacturer to have reached the end of its useful life and is no longer maintained or supported. 

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) 
ESG is a business strategy that encompasses an environmental cause, social cause, and self-governing body in leadership that holds the company accountable.  

ESG Metrics 
ESG metrics measure companies’ sustainability rating based on environmental, social and governance factors. 

FutureValue™ Program 
FutureValue is an innovative program where companies can receive the End-of-First-Life buyback value for technology upfront, at the time of purchase.  Compugen Systems provides a credit in exchange for the device to be returned at the end of the term. 

Green4Good™ Program 
Green4Good is a practical, cost-saving option for organizations to receive financial value for End-of-First left technology while generating carbon credits. The program ensures that end-of-life equipment is either resold or 100% recycled. Better still, the proceeds from the resale can go directly to the charity of choice of the organization. 

Green Procurement
Green procurement involves procuring goods and services with a reduced environmental footprint. Environmental impact such as waste and carbon emissions generated is considered during the procurement decision-making process of a business.

Sustainable IT 
Sustainable IT is the principle of reducing the environmental impact of IT products and infrastructure, which also reduces costs and shows a commitment to social responsibility. 

Tech Refresh Cycle 
A tech refresh cycle is a predictable cycle of updating components in an IT infrastructure to optimize performance and lower operating costs. 

Zero-landfill refers to products, services, or processes that ensure no waste is sent to landfill, where all waste materials are diverted from landfill through resue models, or responsible recycling.

Zero-waste is the concept of reducing the waste produced throughout the life-cycle of a product or process. It includes embedding strategies of responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of products, packaging, and materials without burdening the environment.

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