Football + Business Collaboration: How they Compare with Remote Work

November 30 - 2020

An Analogy for the Ages.

It often happens during the kickoff of a football game. The player receives the ball and heads one direction. He finds that path blocked by defenders, so he changes course and heads around to the other side.  That side too is blocked, so in a last-ditch effort to not lose yards, he turns again and moves up the center of the field.  Every now and then, this turns into a genius display of athletic ability, but most of the time, it ends in a loss.


During the months that have followed the Covid-19 outbreak and response, many of us have felt just like the kick returner.  We head one direction and when we discover that it's blocked, we change course and feel like we are making some progress, but another roadblock arises.  Rules seem to change on the fly and we don’t know what to expect on a day to day basis.

But for us, the metaphor of football stops there. Football has very specific boundaries and the entire premise of the game is to “block” one another from the goal. Businesses can use specific strategies to help them reflect on possible approaches to strategy and execution, as well as understanding when to pivot.

New challenges bring new solutions.  A movement to remote working was already on the rise, but now it's in full force. No one company was able to prepare for a “Pandemic Plan” but it helps to work with an organization that specializes in adapting to the modern workspace.  

Four Areas of Focus to Enable Remote Work:

1. Security 

Employers do not want employees to use unsecure home networks for sensitive information.  The modern workplace has this built into the office IT structure, but a home workplace might not.  Security solutions can come in many forms and should always come from reputable Hybrid IT providers with a strong track record. 

2. Cloud Storage

This has been an essential pivot for many companies who have asked employees to work from home. Lugging desktop computers home is an impractical solution. Here at Compugen we have been able to quickly move organizations to cloud computing through Azure. Downtime is minimized and the ever-important bottom line is supported through this process.  

Whether it is a remote client solution, or a new, cloud-based device, the employee must be able to securely access critical files when needed. DaaS can solve both cloud storage and security issues as long as your partner is a trusted and vetted source. 

3. Safe + Accessible Data

An individual employee can get to work, but how will her team collaborate? While a zoom meeting might be a good video conferencing solution in a pinch, other platforms are much more conducive to working as a team. Microsoft Teams has quickly become an industry standard and allows for secure file sharing, video conferencing, and scheduling and booking for customer engagement. Remember that as obstacles arise, hardware and software solutions are only part of the solution. Training is an essential component to maximizing the new tools and ensuring a minimal loss of productivity.

4. Integrations + Updates

Solutions can be complex and multifaceted. Companies run into obstacles, such as software integration or hardware upgrades. They might run into training issues or may need preventative maintenance. Regardless of the obstacle that is in the way, Compugen is here to help find solutions to help your business thrive beyond 2020. 

So if the kickoff comes our way, we keep our heads up, focus on the ultimate goal of the end-zone. Then we navigate the barriers in our path. Success won’t be easy, but with a little creativity, and persistence, it will be possible to always find a way out.

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