The Role of Cloud Collaboration in Workplace Evolution

April 15 - 2022

Cloud collaboration is a way of working together in a team where all team members can simultaneously contribute to the project in real-time. Be it writing code, working on documents, or managing a project, cloud-based collaborative solutions enable employees to make live changes to the project in a shared environment. 

Businesses are realizing the advantages of cloud-based collaboration and slowly shifting to the cloud. That’s why the global online collaboration market is valued at $13.5 billion. 

If you are looking to move your workplace to the cloud and increase the overall productivity of your business, read along. We will discuss cloud collaboration in detail and how you can adopt it in a cost-effective way.


What is cloud collaboration?

With small businesses embracing hybrid work environments, collaboration across the business becomes extremely crucial. That’s exactly what cloud collaboration helps achieve efficiently.

Business cloud collaboration solutions equip employees to work on documents and other data types in a team where everyone can share, edit, and collaborate on the project at the same time. Technically, the changes are saved and synced as they are made ensuring each team member has access to the up-to-date version of the project.

With cloud-based collaborative solutions, project managers can also set privileged access for shared workspace. It ensures the project is only accessible to the required team members maintaining the integrity of your business operations.

The Role of Cloud Collaboration in Workplace EvolutionAdvantages of cloud-based collaboration for your business

Operational Efficiency

Cloud based collaborative solutions offer operational efficiency. Collaborating on the cloud increases productivity and efficiency by offering a shared office environment online for organizations of all sizes. With mutual data access available to all employees, it becomes easier to work together on projects even if the workforce is spread across the globe.

Improved Collaboration

With cloud collaboration, employees no longer need to wait for feedback. Team members can drop comments and tag the concerned member allowing them to work on the changes simultaneously. This saves a lot of time in the entire work lifecycle as your products/services don’t need a lot of back and forth to get shipped.


Since everything is on the cloud, working across the globe becomes seamless. This means your employees can work from home, respond from any location, and most importantly, you can hire global talent. 

Besides, if any business is looking forward to scale up and open multiple offices, cloud helps with mobility. You can build a highly functional, cost-effective professionally maintained technology infrastructure with a modern workplace. With cloud collaboration, you can have your business office up and running in no time and have room to scale further.

How to make the most of your cloud collaboration solution?

Develop a cloud collaboration strategy

Similar to an offline setup, you need to enforce standard operating procedures in a cloud workspace to ensure your business operations run smoothly. Your cloud collaboration strategy should include a step-by-step guide of the workflow with designated roles for different responsibilities of a project.

Use a centralized communication channel 

Improved communication is one of the main objectives of collaborating on the cloud. If you use too many communication mediums will only create confusion and beat the purpose of cloud collaboration. You should use a common communication medium with the ability to create channels for different teams and departments. Using a centralized communication channel makes managing projects easier as managers can easily stay in the loop of different projects. 

Build a transparent task dashboard 

Businesses have sophisticated workflows. Creating a task dashboard will allow project leaders and other employees to keep track of all the tasks on the cloud. From completed tasks to assigned activities, a task directory improves workflow transparency.

Communicate tasks clearly 

Be it a cloud workspace or an in-office setup, a clear list of agendas and other relevant information acts as a compass for team members. You can create project pages in your cloud environment that highlights goals to be achieved, budget, roles and responsibilities, testing criteria, etc. 

Get the best business cloud collaboration solution from Compugen

Around 83% of companies are already on the cloud. Large corporations maintain their cloud operations by hiring in-house teams. But this isn’t a cost-effective solution for small and medium businesses — especially because they also need to invest in specialized computing equipment.

MSPs (short for managed service providers) like Compugen empower businesses to set up their cloud workspace in a cost-effective way. Be it web-based email or productivity apps, data storage or DevOps, Compugen provides industry-leading solutions to help you set up your workspace. With Compugen, you can request changes to storage capacity, processing power, and user account settings at any time according to your requirements and budget. 

If you have questions about starting your cloud journey, reviewing your current cloud strategy, or managing your cloud infrastructure, book a consultation with the experts at Compugen today!

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