Data Sheet: Optimize Your Journey To and Through the Cloud

June 16 - 2023

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CSI helps you choose the right mix of in-house, private, and public cloud services, inplement the right strategy, and optimize the technology to maximize your IT investment. 


A value-driven hybrid IT strategy is a best-of-all worlds approach for managing your application workloads. CSI is your partner throughout this journey - we meet you where you are and get you where you want to be. 

Whether you’re embarking on a tech refresh, orchestrating an M&A, or adding new applications to your system, we make the cloud work harder for you from initial migration to total business transformation. 


Let's turn opportunity into impact

As a trusted Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, CSI can directly provision, manage, and support our entire cloud experience based on your needs.

Azure Management

Entrust your infrastructure to our deep experience in end-to-end cloud management. We handle what’s happening nw so you can focus on what happens next. 

Azure Migration

Tap into the power of Azure’s cloud-based infrastructure and its hundreds of features. Our migration services will get you up and running and keep you humming.

Azure Optimization

Unlock the full business value of your investment without overspending or over-provisioning through continuous iteration and improvement. 

Azure Security

Identify and protect against the latest threats with multi-layered, built-in security controls and real-time threat intelligence.

Active Directory Services

Simplify and secure access to your data and applications from anywhere using single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

Azure VMware

Boost productivity, elasticity and accessibility by seamlessly moving your VMware workloads to the Azure cloud.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Seamlessly migrate your workloads to a full-feature virtual desktop and grant secure access to authorized users to improve accessibility without compromising security.


As a trusted Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, CSI can directly provision, manage, and support our entire cloud experience based on your needs.

1) SAVE BIG: Eliminate upfront capital costs since capacity is provisioned on demand through usage-based billing.

2) SCALE FAST: Gain flexibility and scalability to respond to seasonal demand surges and changing business needs.

3) INNOVATE BOLD: Access native cloud technologies like AI and analytics to test, pilot, and pivot in real-time and risk-free.

Connect with CSI if you need help starting your cloud journey, reviewing your current cloud strategy, controlling your cloud costs, securing your cloud environment, and/or managing your cloud infrastructure. Schedule a Microsoft Azure Discussion with Compugen today. 

Datasheet: Hybrid IT—Optimize Your Journey To and Through the Cloud

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