Device as a Service: DaaS Benefits and Costs

December 21 - 2021

Businesses of all sizes and specialties must find a sustainable way to manage IT services, hardware, and software. At times, the process of managing and tracking so many separate devices can become burdensome and create a strain on company resources. To resolve the issue of device management (and to help companies tackle the unique challenges of remote work environments), Device as a Service (DaaS) companies, like Compugen, have developed customizable options to fit every need and budget. DaaS has multiple benefits and advantages that allow businesses to grow and scale.

If your organization has ever faced challenges with device management, deployment, or support, keep reading to learn whether DaaS could be the answer to those challenges.

What is Device as a Service?What is Device as a Service?

Device as a Service (DaaS) is essentially a managed subscription for your hardware, software, and IT infrastructure needs. Businesses and organizations can sidestep the capital expenditure that is required to purchase new technology by working with technology partners that provide DaaS.

With DaaS, organizations can easily secure tools such as:

  • PCs

  • Laptops

  • Tablets

  • Mobile devices and smartphones

  • Data storage solutions

DaaS is particularly useful when a business model is dispersed, remote, or in need of a comprehensive device management strategy.

Business Benefits for Device as a Service 

Using a DaaS service provider has several key advantages. For companies that are accustomed to outsourcing data or IT services, the benefits of DaaS are both reassuring and highly efficient.

  • No need to configure devices in-house – When you participate with a DaaS partner, hardware configuration is done for you. This removes the hassle of wait times and lengthy onboarding processes.

  • Around the clock monitoring – With DaaS, you can enjoy remote monitoring when it comes to the web, email, hosting, and cybersecurity. 

  • Flexibility to grow and scale – Businesses are no longer held back by cumbersome IT responsibilities and workflow bottlenecks. By leveraging a qualified DaaS partner, businesses can add employees, change IT infrastructure, and adapt to new technology requirements seamlessly.

  • Significant cash flow savings – Even with sizable investments, it’s tough for businesses to handle all of the initial costs that come with IT needs for an entire organization. DaaS solves this issue by providing additional support services and IT management, allowing businesses to pay a fixed per device/per month cost.

Device as a Service: Financial Costs

Without Device as a Service, businesses must have enough cash or capital on hand to regularly buy and maintain new IT devices. This can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming, especially for small businesses or startups with limited funding.

With Device as a Service, businesses are essentially leasing a portion of their IT needs to a DaaS provider. The exact financial amount of a DaaS subscription depends on factors such as:

  • Size of the company

  • Number of employees

  • Number of devices per employee

  • Selected maintenance and replacement plan

  • Level of support

  • Level of data security or risk mitigation

A unique part of Compugen's DaaS offer is an enhanced level of sustainability in IT devices through our partner, Green for Good.

Potential DaaS Drawbacks

While DaaS is an ideal solution for many business owners, everyone should carefully weigh the pros and cons of a new partner or service. Although many IT specialists see DaaS as the future of work, there are a few potential drawbacks to keep in mind.

First, outsourcing any portion of business means relinquishing some level of control. If your business has rigorous compliance or security standards to maintain, you may need to accommodate internal IT solutions.

Second, depending on the provider or partner, DaaS may be more than you need at a specific point in time. For businesses with very few employees or relatively easy IT setups, you may or may not be ready for a full-scale DaaS solution, it's important to set up an initial DaaS review, to see if, or how, Daas initiative is right for your business.

How to Choose the Right DaaS ProviderHow to Choose the Right DaaS Partner

Device as a Service is a growing field in IT management, particularly with the rise of remote work. If you’re searching for a compatible provider, you may need to spend time researching the best option.

Before you choose, look for qualities such as:

  • Cost of the service

  • Which devices are provided

  • Level of customer support

  • In-person deployment options

  • Point of contact

  • Communication and transparency

  • Strong reputation in the industry

If you want to be thorough, look for things like customer testimonials, reviews, and case studies that showcase results. This feedback will illustrate how the partner meets the expectations of current customers with unique IT needs.


Device as a Service options are helping an increasing number of modern businesses tackle IT device management challenges and roadblocks. 

To see how Device as a Service can suit your personal business needs, contact the team at Compugen today. We can help you manage the hardware lifecycle so that you can focus on the work that truly matters.

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