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Download our webinar playback and listern to our panel discuss the top 3 IT Sustainability Trends for 2022 and where to start your journey. 


Emery Geosits, Executive Director, Global IT Alliance

Tom Willshaw, Sustainability Programs Lead, Compugen Systems, Inc.

Brent Smiley, VP, ITAD Programs, Green4Good

Topics Include:

Circular Economy
- Sustainable IT Use Models (as-a-service, FutureValue)
- Circular Economy Models
Green IT Procurement
- EPEAT Standards
- Environmentally preferable purchasing programs for electronics
- Companies are implementing more policies around green procurement
Green Data Centers
- Green data centers – the key to reducing the environmental impact of IT


Topics: Device as a Service (DaaS), Modern Workspace, Green4Good, Sustainable IT, GreenIT

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Sustainable IT: Good for The Environment, Good for
Sustainable IT: Go Green for the Environment, Put
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