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At Compugen Systems, we use the term modern workspace and consider it a destination of thought and creativity. Modern workspaces include every digital item or device an employee uses for work in the space they choose to work in. 

This could be a digital calculator, your laptop, mobile phone, licensed software, and other electronic gadgets in your bedroom, on the couch, at the local coffee shop, or in your town's co-works space.  When we compare Modern Workspace and Modern Workplace, often, there’s one core topic missing from the office workspace discussion that is essential to productivity. And that is collaboration.

A lack of collaboration can prove detrimental to optimum productivity levels. A survey by Salesforce reveals that lack of collaboration resulted in workplace failures for 86% of employees and executives.

Keeping your teams connected through physical, virtual, and hybrid environments is a full-time job.  Take the guesswork out of employee efficiency and satisfaction by building a workspace that engages and excites. 

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Uncover the differences between a Modern Workspace and a Modern Workplace, while striking the balance between technology selection and the culture impacting adoption to be successful in your endeavor. Let's take your challenges and our process to deliver a business framework that meets you where you are today and positions your business for growth in the future.

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