Managing a business can be challenging without the right support system. An ideal way to solve these challenges is through an IT partnership. 

Our client, a global leader in the renewal energy sector was expanding their market and needed advanced technology to improve service delivery and client experience, as well as a specialized IT team to manage the infrastructure and keep the business running. 


Compugen Systems, Inc. was able to extend their team and handled usual business tasks, expanding the scope to installations and field services. Our field engineers and technicians brought on-site expertise to implement, integrate and troubleshoot. 

The project then developed into the creation of a network operations center which is operated by Compugen Systems during the client’s off hours each night, with the potential for Compugen Systems, Inc. to field calls 24/7 and a full-time staff. 


“One of the reasons why we are doing these services for them, is because we take the time to really understand where they are coming from and it shows on our responses,” Martin Guajardo, Client Advisor, Compugen Systems, Inc. 

Partnering with Compugen Systems, the client was able to leverage expert support with a pool of Compugen Systems employees specialized in various IT fields and therefore increasing the productivity of their employees and delivering better services.