Our client is nationally recognized as one of the largest and most comprehensive associations of private orthopedic surgery practitioners, with over forty surgeons practicing in ten sub-specialties. 

They certainly can’t afford for their IT systems to be off-line for any amount of time. And as a healthcare provider, they’re a highly appealing target for cyberattacks given the amount of personally identifiable and health insurance information contained in their systems. They also have strict HIPAA regulations they must comply with or face sure enforcement. 

Our partnership with the client began well before their cyber attack. Thanks to their association with the Society of Information Management (SIM), their then-director of IT had a connection with Compugen. 


Compugen, as a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP), had managed the client’s successful migration from Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 in 2019. That partnership and migration to Office 365 proved invaluable just months later. When the client was hit with a malware attack in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, Compugen was top of mind for the director. Despite the pandemic, Compugen was able to respond quickly and in-person knowing the importance of healthcare during such a critical time. 

Having handled the client’s prior migration to Office 365 helped Compugen more quickly find the root cause of the attack and remediate it. 

“We were in the middle of a cyber crisis, the Compugen team went above and beyond to help us do the impossible. We stood up a Microsoft O365 tenant and reimagined every computer in the business with Window 10 and Office 365 within one week,” says the client’s former CIO. 

A tenant is an organization’s dedicated instance of Azure AD. Each Azure AD tenant is distinct and separate from other Azure AD tenants. It has its own representation of work and consumer identities and app registrations—making authentications secure. 


With the client’s dedicated and secure instance of Azure in place, Compugen was able to install 250 external hard drives to the affected laptops and reimagined the computers, bringing them back online quickly to schedule appointments and surgeries, communicate with and bill patients and health care providers, pay employees, and perform all of their daily functions business as usual. 

Compugen has since continued the partnership working on several projects to help with the client’s digital collaboration transformation, including SharePoint online migration, a fast-tracked Microsoft Teams adoption and upgraded Microsoft licenses—all in a secure environment. 


As a healthcare provider, our client’s focus remains on patient care. They need secure technology and a reliable partner to manage it, and Compugen’s local presence happened to prove very useful when a cyber incident affected the practice during the travel restrictions of the pandemic. Yet, with managed services, location isn’t everything. Reliability and responsiveness are. 

Not only was Compugen responsive to the client’s needs during two simultaneous major incidents—the pandemic and a malware attack— but Compugen’s ongoing service and successful solutions have reinforced their trusted partnership for the long term.