To procure modern technology, one must pursue technology. As the processes of procurement are continuously digitalized and amplified, then new software and hardware are necessary.  

Our client, a custom furniture manufacturer has been a long-term client and was looking for a strategy to meet the ever-changing demand for technology and to ensure the IT department’s health for the company’s longevity. 


The first step was to define what the typical procurement process was for modern technology and assure that any new and upcoming issues would be mitigated. When we introduced our client to their custom Compugen Systems, Inc.’s Storefront a self-serve (eProcurement) platform, it was a game-changer. 

The Storefront allows our client to purchase the tools and tech needed to enable their employees and create their own uniquely-crafted human experience. 



“I really appreciate the Compugen Storefront. The layout is well done and that makes navigating intuitive and efficient. Being able to see the available stock on various units prior to selection and purchasing has been incredibly helpful. Also having an instant quote and being able to move forward with the purchase helps us cut down on time required to get product in house.” -Client’s IT Infrastructure Manager

By setting in motion an effective strategy, the IT department will be prepared to adapt the current processes to meet the changing needs of the future.