Our client, a leading global service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients industry, began their client journey with a need for managed services.

Our client was growing and needs were evolving. They were looking for a partner to help standardize the infrastructure and keep their environment up-to-date in a cost-effective way.  


Our client is in the midst of standardizing a series of regional operating companies under a global IT management umbrella. With a large and diverse set of IT assets, they were challenged with being able to drive efficiency and standards while maintaining regional personalization that is so important to their User experience. The initial requirement was to focus on User, procuring, deploying and integrating productivity tools with global management platforms.  

In the process of refreshing old network devices, they recognized a need for a new support model that could leverage the skill and scale of the right partner to monitor, assess, and implement more modern solutions.  


Compugen Systems began by monitoring devices, recommending fixes or replacements, helping standardize the infrastructure, and building a new support model. 

During weekly update meetings, our client expressed issues they had with a past reseller. The reseller was small and unable to scale with them. When they were facing a transition to a remote workforce, they needed help with end-to-end procurement across North America. With partnerships across all of North America, Compugen Systems had the reach our client needed. The client noted Compugen Systems’ commitment to finding a solution for any issue that arose: “That’s the value we look for in a partner.” 
When employees ultimately returned to the office, they trusted Compugen Systems with a return-to-work program, including on-site support in five locations. 

“Our main concern is to give our clients the white glove service they expect from us and give them exactly what they need to get their job done.” -Client Advisor, Ryan Viterbo.  


Through these successful deployments, Compugen Systems has become a trusted partner for this company. Current projects include a secure offboarding program for older equipment and additional help-desk managed service support.  

This client is also actively becoming more sustainable with the help of Compugen Systems’ Green4Good™ program. Green4Good™ provides a way to manage end-of-life technology to earn cash and put it to good use, either through cash back to offset the cost to new technology, carbon credits, a buy back option for employees, or a donation to charity.  

A very prominent theme in our business relationship with the client is ‘partnership.’ 

“Beginning with the RFP, we built in a lot of language about partnership. In addition to our fundamental and technical expertise, a big part of our success was taking the partnership words on a page to every-day behavior across the whole team spectrum,” said Tom Willshaw, Senior Manager of Integrated Service Solutions. 

“It takes not just the willingness, but it takes everyday discipline to really live our values. It requires more effort, more thought, more energy than just doing your day-to-day job. Every single day, every team member demonstrates the effort to go above and beyond, because they really want to, because everyone's so proud and respectful of our partnership.” 



As our client recognizes their need for advanced service-desk support, they are looking forward to continued partnership opportunities with Compugen Systems.