Data Sheet: Upsource Your Results with Managed Services

May 11 - 2022

Data Sheet: Upsource Your Results with Managed Services

CSI Managed Services offer 24x7x365 service technicians who fix issues before they become problems, so you can upsource your results instead of just outsourcing your time.


You need more time to focus on higher thinking, process, and strategy, to continue to be the respected tech leader in your organization. The problem is you are pulled in too many directions and can't seem to get out of the weeds which makes you feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

If you're looking to elevate your IT capabilities with long-term services from a company you know and trust, look no further than Managed Services from CSI.


Let's turn IT Management into Business Modernization, here are our Managed Services 

Near Shore Help (Service) Desk

The quality of technical support your business provides can all but make or break your employee experience, not to mention your customer relationships. Compugen's help desk puts the human touch in IT, offering personalized service and knowledgeable guidance when your users need it.

Managed Office 365

Maximize the full investment of your Office 365 environment by passing on the management and support responsibilities to us. We'll handle the daily maintenance, updates, and patches so your users never have to think twice about glitches, downtime, or data loss.

Managed Mobility

Your employees and customers are mobile-first. Is your company? Our enterprise mobility management service keeps business moving 24x7x365. No surprises, no setbacks. Just a steady stream of data, people and ideas in motion.

Managed Detect and Respond

With the volume and variety of business-crippling threats that organizations must prepare for, it's no surprise that many have more security resource gaps than they can fill. Go beyond prevention and layer your security stack with the people, policy, and process that only Compugen MDR can bring.

Managed Collaboration

Advanced collaboration solutions for voice, video, messaging, and contact center offer an endless configuration of options and use cases. Integration, security, and compliance are like cats waiting to be herded. That's why a Compugen-managed collaboration solution takes the headached off your hands letting you focus on more pressing priorities.


In the last two years alone, 90% of the world's data has been created. So, for organizations who are data-dependent, cloud-based BaaS is a highly efficient alternative to traditional, on-site backup boasting multiple levels of redundancy and fast data recovery, all managed on your behalf.


CSI's Managed Services are centered around you. The CSI delivery model is designed to get your organization where it wants to be, long-term. Here's the process we follow:

1) ASSESS: We seek first to understand the nature of your business, your team, your process, and your goals to make sure Managed Services are a good fit for you.

2) CONSULT: You can expect to receive tailored recommendations around aligning people, process, and tools in order to create a winning formula for long-term business success.

3) ONBOARD: During this stage, you receive timelines and guarantees around the partnership to ensure we are operating as one team, united around shared interests and goals.

Let us show you the difference between outsourcing to fix a problem and upsourcing to elevate your capabilities, amplify your results, and solve issues at the root. Schedule a Managed Services Consultation with Compugen today. 

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