Data Sheet: A Proven End-to-End IT Asset Management Framework

May 21 - 2024

Is your organization struggling with IT asset management challenges that create confusion, impact data quality, and increase the risks of shadow IT and compliance issues?

At Compugen Systems Inc., we assist organizations in addressing critical IT Asset Management (ITAM) components to streamline operations and achieve business outcomes. Our approach helps identify gaps, optimize processes, and ensure compliance, enabling you to focus on your core business objectives without IT complications.

Comprehensive IT Asset Management Services

1. Thorough IT Assessment: Gain a complete view of your IT asset portfolio with our detailed assessment process. We identify gaps, define requirements, and align with your overall investment and supply chain strategy. This forms the basis for strategic recommendations tailored to your unique business needs.

2. Expert Consulting: Analyze historical data and provide actionable recommendations to close gaps, resolve inefficiencies, and align processes with your business objectives. Our consulting services ensure that you mitigate risks and streamline your IT asset management practices.

3. Strategic Implementation: Implement your ITAM strategy through modern acquisition, asset identification, warehousing, inventory management, deployment, decommissioning, and IT asset disposition. We ensure smooth execution to optimize your IT landscape and maximize ROI.

Empower Your Business with Effective IT Asset Management

At Compugen Systems Inc., we provide a proven end-to-end ITAM framework that leverages your current investments in tools, resources, and processes to advance your ITAM maturity.

Download our detailed Data Sheet to discover how Compugen Systems Inc. can help you redefine your IT experience, optimize costs, enhance security, and drive digital transformation.

IT Asset Management Framework

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