Data Sheet: A Proactive Approach to Data Security

March 24 - 2023

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Compugen Systems’ Cybersecurity Lifecycle Framework (CLF) is a layered security solution and service approach crafted from internationally recognized industry standards and frameworks. 


A single product, policy, or provider isn’t enough to help you achieve a herculean security posture. Instead, each element in your strategy must work synergistically and align with a security-first, zero-trust culture. 

We guide you through the continuous process of detecting, preventing, analyzing, and responding to data security threats to safeguard business-critical information, protect your reputation, and comply with regulations.


Let's turn vulnerability into vigilance 

Penetration Testing

See how easy it is to break into your network. A pen test simulates an attack to help pinpoint risks and exposure to prioritize your security strategy.

Incident Response

Address the aftermath of a security breach while limiting overall damage, downtime, and costs. We help you build on lessons learned to strengthen your network and provide ongoing employee education to prevent future incidents. 

Azure Information Protection

Protect your data at all times, no matter where it’s stored or how you share it. We use techniques from easy classification to embedded labels and permissions to ensure only the right people see the right information.

Microsoft Intune MDM

Gain granular control over Office 365 with Intune app protection policies to safeguard data with or without device enrollment.

Vulnerability Assessments

Define, identify, and prioritize vulnerabilities and implement mitigation strategies based on your business’s risk profile and tolerance.

Cloud Security

Implement multi-layered security that spans your entire infrastructure, from physical data centers to virtual operations. Plus, leverage Azure Cloud’s built-in security controls to defend against evolving threats.


Compugen Systems can help you maintain business continuity, ensure regulatory compliance, and bolster in-house security expertise through our professional and managed service capabilities. 

1) DETECT: Implement cloud monitoring, advanced threat intelligence, and endpoint visibility to identify and log threats.

2) PREVENT: Flag compromising indicators through proactive monitoring before they become serious security issues.

3) ANALYZE: Assess and prioritize risks against your organization’s tolerance profile to determine the appropriate mitigation efforts. 

3) RESPOND: Contain impact and maintain business resilience by preventing a security incident from expanding to other business areas.

Compugen Systems is here to help you identify, respond, and recover from security incidents. Schedule a Security Consultation with Compugen today. 


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