Webinar: IT + A Circular Economy

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How to approach IT with sustainability in mind.

If your organization is ready to implement sustainable IT practices, then you don't want to miss this webinar playback.

Compugen Systems Inc., Green 4 Good, and HP business leaders discuss sustainable IT practices, including everything from how to create a sustainable design to responsible end-of-life IT device management.

Length: 45 minutes 

What you will learn: 

  • HP’s approach to designing and manufacturing in a sustainable way  

  • How to evaluate device carbon footprints 

  • Sustainable IT as a Service 

  • Responsible End of Life Management 

Presented By:

  • Emery Geosits, Vice President of Sales, Compugen Systems Inc.

  • Brent Smiley, Vice President, Compugen Finance, Inc.

  • Paloma Cavalcanti, Sustainability Engagement Manager, HP

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Topics: Device as a Service (DaaS), Modern Workspace, Green4Good, Sustainable IT

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