The 411 on Device as a Service (DaaS)

July 01 - 2021

Does your company have a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy? Do you encourage employees to work from home? Are you looking to save costs of device procurement, maintenance, and add-on services?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, DaaS can help you. Let’s show you how.

What is DaaS?

Desktop-as-a-Service is a cloud-based service that will grant your employees a virtual workstation. With cloud deployment driving IT services to your fingertips, DaaS facilitates access to your workspace machine anywhere you go, on any device you use.

With DaaS, you can access a virtual desktop infrastructure or use remote desktop services. The time to adapt is now – Spiceworks indicates that the DaaS market will see a double-digit growth within just two years. 

If you’re conflicted with your decision to adopt DaaS, read on to know why your decision should be ‘yes’ or definitely yes’!

Benefits of DaaS

Ease of Management + Maintenance

How many times have you called your IT team for technical glitches? How many times did you see your employees miss out on deadlines or cause delays due to outdated software needing urgent updates?

Implementing DaaS is like watching a news channel – switch on the Television today, you get today’s news. Do it tomorrow, and you get tomorrow’s news. Likewise, switch on your system any day anywhere, and it’ll always be up to date. Forget the fuss about updating drivers, firmware, plugins, security patches, etc. – it’s the responsibility of your managed  service provider. 

Cost Efficiency

Have you ever looked at the mounting costs of technology equipment, tools, software, and realized you’re not accurately prepared for these investments? 

With DaaS, the finance team can rest at ease – no more approvals of expensive laptops and devices that employees need to run advanced software and tools.

Technology is ever-evolving, and adapting to the industry might need tough decisions – like uninstallation of that costly setup you paid a considerable sum for only last year. 

With DaaS, your workspace is in the cloud, so you needn’t worry about things like installation/uninstallation costs, ROI on installation, etc.

Secure Cloud Network Implies Enhanced Security

Your cloud provider’s data center or cloud server becomes the single point of storage and communication for all your DaaS subscriptions regardless of the device specifications, locations, etc.

This ensures that systems prone to hacks and security vulnerabilities do not compromise confidential company data or any employee communication. Cloud data centers are highly secure, and will most likely give your cybersecurity team a more relaxed sleep.

Cloud Backup + Restore

With policies like BYOD and virtualization, users end up using multiple devices from multiple Wi-Fis. With all data stored on the cloud, it can be securely accessed as needed. Employees can stop worrying about backing up data, leading to increased productivity.

Increased Flexibility

This one’s rather obvious – different devices, different locations, convenient times – all of this leads to more productivity among employees. More so, businesses realize that this setup means their employees are accessible even outside the office. DaaS has brought about a shift in mindsets from “conducive workplace environments” to “making conducive environments workplaces”.

Final Word

DaaS is the new normal. Statista predicts the market to grow to 10.7 billion USD in the next two years. 

But DaaS is not the kind of service where one size fits all. You need a customized solution for your unique needs and that's where a DaaS provider can help you. 

Compugen can help you implement DaaS systems that would benefit your organization significantly. 


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